"Travel Around the World" is <strong> </ strong> interactive theater program for children and parents, led by two actors.

The play is structured as a trip around the world, and is divided into 5 sequence:
 <Li> trip to the Wild West, </ li>
 <Li> Spain </ li>
 <Li> Africa </ li>
 <Li> to the Frozen Land Eskimos </ li>
 <Li> to Scotland. </ Li>
</ Ul>
Each zakątkowi world correspond to specific studies and theater play, performed at a typical site specific music. Not without significance are the costumes the actors changed according to latitude on what are our heroes.

It is a dynamic spectacle, full of balloon surprises seasoned with rain spiffy confetti in which eagerly turn on and also adults. We guarantee 70 minutes tireless fun !!!

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