“Sea Stories” is a performance played in the theatre and in the open air. It is a spectacle in the convention of physical theatre, light in form and with clear references to silent film slapstick.

The performance tells the story of a pair of protagonists who, being unable to be drafted onto any ship, decide to take their fate into their own hands and build a ship on which they would embark on a cruise .
As it happens on sea routes – many adventures await. Our heroes will have to fight a sea battle, overcome the elements during a storm, go head to head with an octopus, to finally disembark on a deserted island…

Though the initial relations between the main heroes are not the most successful, their adventures tighten their bond, which ultimately results in the budding of a true feeling . It’ s a performance not only about the eternal desire and search for adventure, but also about finding the real treasure – friendship.